September 10, 2007

Simul tagged me in dA. (ill make sure to post this there too). 8 random things about myself. i think ive done this before...a couple times. but why not, every once in a while :)

1. i am still curious about Jordan Knight, the NKOTB singer. i saw him in a reality series last year, and theres the facts of what hes doing and when... but i remain wondering what he is like as a person etc.
2. i am a control freak.
3. ive never used seamed stockings
4. i once stole someones user account on a website, half-accidentally. well, 1/3 accidentally (i wasnt sure if it was mine or not - long story). but, the account was inactive anyway so i doubt the real owner ever found out.
5. at one of my old jobs, i felt one co-worker being so negative and judgmental towards me and crazy in general (s/he got really aggressive at times and would shout etc.) that finally i had to ask my boss to not put us in the same shift anymore. it was simply too stressful to work with that person. boss was not surprised at my request either.
6. i used men's deodorant for a couple years when i was a teen. just cos i liked the smell (i still like em, but at age 13 i didnt really get to smell it on guys...)
7. i was gonna read the whole bible when i was a teen and believed in god, just for the sake of it, and for educational purposes, but geez... i couldnt make it. yet i know how the story ends!
8. i only drink about 1 glass of water per day, 2 at max. and maybe 1/3 of a litre of any other liquid unless its alcohol. i think ive proved the "drink shitloads of water" is bullshit. ill get thirsty if i need more fluids.

saturday night i was watching this with tears in my eyes;

jesus christ this Batman-trailer is like a year early. but this is what the world has come to...i know. i can still complain about it.

my new reality tv series is the australian The Mole. australia is nice to look at. too bad my plans to go there were cancelled. and it own fault :(

oh no..."Are America's Rich Falling Behind The Super-Rich?"

*listening to Leonard Cohen* love his voice

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