September 01, 2007

drillbit taylor - well the trailer music is nice. i like Owen Wilson, but if he gets what he wants there will be no more movies with him. seriously, this is just a comedy like any other i guess, but im up for it, it seems alright.
descent - the trailer seems more like a teaser.
right at your door - while the whole gas mask fetish is totally outside my understanding, in a movie ad like this it works for me. it seems like a descent enough suspension drama.
the signal - seems nicely horrifying and alluring at the same time. disturbing.
the nines - seems like a nice...videogame :) if this guy is a prt of a game i say he has a very little chance of getting out that shit, this is no matrix.
bee movie - i hate to say this but i think this works for me. maybe i just like Jerry Seinfeld. i dont tend to like animated stuff but ...yea, this seemed nice and easy. i often see animals thinking and acting like humans.
the last winter - just what we need, some action in this motherfuckin cold (as it happens, i am freezing here). the unknown entity strokes again. me watches.
eastern promises - what a stupid name. but a Cronenberg film with Vincent Cassel. these eastern european mafia-type things really piss me off, but the movie somehow allures me anyway. im not quite sure about this, ill probanly try to see it but i hope it wont get on my nerve too much.
war - jet li and jason statham. i really like jason. and this is action bs of course. im not usually a fan of jet li type of fight scene movies, that are all about 'fancy' looking fighting which does nothing to impress me... but if its got jason in it then it cant be too bad can it? i try to not think of the ridiculous name of the movie.

halfway through the trailers i suddenly remembered, today is the 30th birthday and the wedding (party). ive been talking about them all week with the people involved and today i wake up and dont remember them, how embarrassing. i blame the drinking last night. i dont have a hangover, but last night kind of zeroed things down, today was a new day. i invited Arttu over too and we had a good chat (last night). anyway, luckily it am not late yet or anything.

i was just about to txt Tony to ask what is the exact address of the party, but i realized hes probably getting his tie straight ready to go to the church...maybe i wont bug him. ill find the place. he said i didnt need to go to the church as its mainly just for relatives. it wouldve been sort of easier for me to go there because its now in the afternoon, and then i could just go to the birthday thing. but of course the wedding party is cool too, and so i just have to go to both. ive never been a big party person or had a busy social life like that, so having 2 events to attend to on one night is quite historical. at least i dont recall this happening before.

anyway i feel much less stressed today. now i dont have the time but hopefully tomorrow il get some cleaning up done. i also have to work tomorrow for the website project. the MySpace page should be ready early next week.

some serious photoshopping

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