September 09, 2007

well, looks like i was drunk last night. and by the computer at the same time...

day off finally. was lovely to wake up without a hassle. no need to run anywhere. the fall has been in the air for a while now, i can feel it now even though i am inside, the air is getting crispy. i kinda like the feeling, its fresh.

a finnish breakfast table. (F's parents kitchen)

and what i ate at the breakfast. 2 of these.

yesterday, while i was working at en event related to the website project, F helped his best friend move. he moved in with his gf, were almost neighbors now, i think they might see my building from their window because its right next to mine.

the event was like on thursday, but more foreign journalists who wanted to take photos where i posed with them and our CEO or something... i wish i had known i end up in that kind of photos, i wouldve put more effort into... err. make up i guess. my clothes were pathetic because i simply dont have nice suits or such, nice officewear. i did have some, straight trousers and jackets and what not, but that was a few years ago, when i worked as a cosmetics representative and was in the business school... ive grown out of those clothes... twas annoying to go through the wardrobe when anything even remotely suitable wouldnt fit. i know that without trying them on too, so why do i keep them in the closet anyway? i have such a hard time throwing anything away :( but so, posing for journalists...anything for your job right? i worked loads this week. i feel exhausted really. ill see how next week turns out but i have to start thinking about my mental state too, theres only so much stress i can handle. i need to limit the times when i am available/work.

Kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day.

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