October 26, 2007

finding a house/apartment/whatever seems to be really crap in UK. this is like a normal ad for a place. like, umm, what? looks, err nice? the outside tiling is important as we know, for comfortable living? they dont have floor plans, SIZE, nothing! not even photos of all rooms, if youre lucky 1 or 2. how are you supposed to find a place for yourself? UK is so retarded, in so many ways. but theres nice shopping. and no, im not moving to the UK, i just heard about this property business system and was astonished altho its kinda like someone telling me americans are uneducated. nothing new there.

there was no meeting today, it was rescheduled for friday. but i woke up at 8 cos i didnt know. so i have another early morning coming up. after which were going to start drinking with co-workers. you can start early sometimes aye?

i decided to go for The Ultimate Fighter tonight, 6 episodes have come out by now so its an evenings entertainment. fighting and drama.

i have been such a lazy bitch again. i did vacuum and do my nails the other day and it cheered me up. but today i just slept and spent a couple hours with F. and pet the kitties. that was my day. well no wait, i did have a phone conference, but i didnt feel very useful in it.

aaaaanyway i feel okay, kitties are soft, i have food and clothes...da daa...:) life goes on.
little kitty likes to sleep with the wires.

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