October 24, 2007

i just got back home from my friend PP. got a little drunk from the red wine. we had a really good time, havent seen in ages. he published a book this year which i didnt know of, and signed and gave a copy to me (it is actually of an interesting subject and seemed really good). anyway, now im here with the kitties again.

PP and i discussed internet and people there, nicknames and hiding behind them etc. in some perspective we seemed to have quite opposite views. he doesnt really give credit to anyone writing under just a "screen name" online. or rather, he thinks everyone should be able to stand behind their opinions etc, eith their real name. well, i dont care if online people are fake or real, ive met a lot of real people and what if someones fake, what if they are loud just because they can hide? i have grown to accept this. nothing may be real in the web, but something might be. anyway this reminds me, on facebook, which i still strongly dis, i have been looking up all kinds of people i know. from kindergarten to old jobs and schools and whatnot. i cannot search for this person i like, ive even had sex with him, but i can only remember their screen name. that sounds sick, but its not, to me, what does it matter if i call someone John or XZ57? it doesnt, as it doesnt change my experience or perception of them. i know this person altho we havent been in touch in ages, i have obviously spent time with them in real, they are smart and i do know their real name, i just got used to the nick online and cannot remember anything else. but even for people i havent met, how do i know who they really are? what if someone i think i am friends with, is actually of a different age and totally just pretending? so? i feel friendship, whatever they give me works, i get something out of it. whether it is supposedly real or not doesnt change the fact that i have enjoyed their company and had a good time with them. but, 99% of my time online is behind my own identity, i use use suzi9mm but it can be so directly attached to my real name that i think they are synonyms almost.

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