October 31, 2007

i just watched the latest episode of House. i feel so much better now, it was so awesome! it was just something...Foreman was supposedly miserable working for House, but then a patient who mirrored everyones true thoughts and feelings, was happy with Foreman and he realized he is actually happy working for House. i was left with a good feeling.

today i have the task of going to Vantaa. another one of those countryside trips...;) we're going with F actually, to Marianne and Stu's, for a mexican night...cooking etc. Maria had to cancel our meeting tomorrow so im going to the vet with the kitties and Tiitta. then will see when they will be picked up... i am kinda missing them already but at the same time cant wait to not pick up stuff from the floor after them, to do whatever the fuck i want and not care if anyone needs me to feed them, and to finally fuckin sleep in peace. the humming of the cars passing by on the street is like soft purring of the sandman, a lullaby that leads me to sweet sleep...ah.

i again found myself stuck with make up habits. its really bad for you, of course if something feels good you stick with it but pretty often there are other great possibilities and people just dont want to see them. i was using Dior's foundation for a few weeks now, mainly because it was so moisturizing and my skin is dry/ish, and its one of the darker shades which fit me after all the fuckin tanning this year. but now i felt like trying something else and tried a Clinique foundation which i got last spring. i think my tan has faded a bit actually and its not too light on me. great, i cant wait to use my old pale shades again. the foundation is pretty thick and covers heavily but leaves a semi-natural look. i just felt like a new person, and i know it sounds ridiculous. i went with a pink/light purple color scheme and feel happy.

this facebook app "ScoreMe" is interesting. i guess its a feelgood-tool of sort.. which is much better than the opposite. spreading good vibes is always positive. anyway, i started looking at this like okay...hmm...oh, my friends think im smart, nice! athetic...no...thats true... oh im artistic too, yay.....and a sorta fashionable :)....and hot...and nice :).... then i hit musically-inclined. 8. im more musically-inclined than i am friendly and ambitious ?!! okay, i think that just tells me how well my "friends" "know" me. sets the scores to a whole new perspective :D

if im listening to a song i cannot necessarily tell if theres bass or guitar there, i really have to concentrate, sounds just blend in for me kinda. not to mention telling if someone plays or sings good.... i am super unmusical.

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