October 22, 2007

im sleeping huge amounts, and i blame the excessive use of allergy meds for it, they are tiring. i admit i am now counting the days for the kitties to leave :( (about 12 days for the little kitty and 17 for the bigger kitty). i will miss their beauty and petting them but its like im having a constant flu. sometimes it eases for a few hours but i only feel really healthy when i go out and leave the house. my skin is already dehydrated because of the central heating and this is making it worse. not to mention the tip of my nose thats soon going to have no skin at all if i keep sneezing at this rate. well, im complaining altho i was beggin for this wasnt i? i knew this was a risk with the kitties. some people get rid of allergies by getting a pet and for some (i believe vast majority) it gets worse. but this fast? :( i dont think i will be getting another set of fosterkitties, that would kill me. and i could never ever get such beautiful and friendly set of kitties anyway. and as i think ive mentioned the responsibility is a bit much. this was no surprise but dealing with it once may be just enough.

i am also annoyed by people who take some sort of pride in keeping animals they are supposedly allergic to. they may be, but for most of these idiots, when you ask about their symptoms and if they take meds for it, they just like to say they have "allergic symptoms" in general or a blocked nose or such. weird, i can never tell! and no they dont tend to eat any allergy medication but tend to answer undirectly if asked why. the whole impression they give is that theyre some sort of fuckin martyrs. i guess it pisses me off because the conversation tends to start from me telling why i cannot have any cats of my own, i simply say that i am allergic. then i get this idiot telling me they are allergic too but they just bare with it! oh, how fuckin brave. fuck that. even if my allergy didnt go this bad, you cant live your whole fuckin life with serious symptoms like sneezing, coughing or itchy skin. and i dont think anyone else could really do that either, everyone who brags on being an allergic cat or dog owner is full of shit. maybe they have been allergic, or imagine to be allergic. or maybe they are very fuckin slightly allergic but i hate the fuckin attitude "i suffer to have a pet, i am a hero".

another evening at the internet operator customer service. its one of my favorite days of the month,when we cut off services from customers that havent paid their bills. they often start off with a very aggressive "why is my internet not working??!!" and to get to reply to that... well i just like it :) if i could i'd reply "guess, i think u should know"

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