October 23, 2007

i feel stupid for talking to the kitties as if they were babies. only the other one is! and i dont know if shes too happy with my tone either, she probably feels like a big kitty by now. but i say shes still small, LOOK AT HER, KIIIIITTYYYY

amazing race roadbloack. roadblock can be performed by only one person...blah blah... your task is to find the kitty from this bookshelf

i have big plans for tomorrow. ive been postponing quite a few pathetic things for like a week or two now, plus shitloads of smaller things. incl vacuuming, replying some emails and so forth... i dont have work tomorrow so im really hoping i could make myself do them. i dont see why im always so irresponsible and dont get shit done. i guess its cos nothing is forcing me to. the world doesnt come to an end, or even close, if i dont vacuum. oh well. Arttu promised to come over and feed the kitties both tomorrow evening AND wednesday noon, so i can go to F's tomorrow and we'll go to work together on wednesday morning and then ill go see a friend, PP.

my cousin B called me today. she and her husband are moving from Turku to Helsinki and they need an internet connection. so, yea, what to do, call jen :) anyway they are moving this weekend part of their stuff and asked us to come over to check the new place, on saturday. i am working the day and in the evening F is probably going to his best friends house warming party. i mightve been going too, and still might, but now the schedule is getting tight as i promised to visit B. i figure, it is my #1 responsibility to go to B's, and it is F's #1 responsibility to go to his friends party. but, we'll figure it out. i am certainly happy that B is back in town, we were very close in the 90s and i dont know if its clear why we grew apart a bit, i guess these things just happen but its sad nevertheless. i think we just went out own ways with schools and relationships and then she moved to Turku...i dunno. oh and shes a dog person! well, im trying not to be too hopeful but of course if her moving back would bring us back closer thatd be great :)

from the casino last friday.

oh dear Guns n Roses is awesome music. call me stuck in the 90s but geez, how could anyone deny the quality of it, despite if they like the music itself or not? *is watching Rich Franklins walk into UFC 77* welcome to the jungle...

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