October 02, 2007

this week is like the previous. kitties, reality-tv, F... last night we watched the first episode of House, season 4, which just started. super-exciting, one of the best tv series of all time.

it feels like life was on a hold a bit, even though things are constantly happening. days pass by, its already october... and i barely notice. kitties seem to prefer one brand over the other, picky little monsters. F shows me his Elvis impersonation. and its late and time to go to bed. if i want to ensure sleeping during the nightly kitty-party, i take a sleeping pill. and then its a new day. routines. emails... yea.

Marianne decided to go for a personalized card too :) and look whos in it! hehe. my long hair goes on to live in a card a life of its own...

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