October 18, 2007

today is customer service and yesterday was website project. when we went for a dinner after the meeting, and it was just middle aged men (marketing consultant, our main investor, CEO) and me, i felt a little weird... but oddly enough, i fit right in. basically we discussed about the goals and values of the project yesterday, and made some general plans concerning the marketing. i had input regarding the web-marketing efforts and it felt like we all spoke the same language. all in all yesterday was pretty good.

the kitties are still monsters. beautiful monsters, though. i still have a few weeks left with them. i have to admit my allergy has taken such a downhill that it will be a relief in a way when they leave. i am constantly sneezing, every day, as if i had a flu. it eases down when i go out of the house. but admittedly its getting very annoying to feel sick.

i read in the news that the US army does not recruit openly gay people. i feel stupid for not knowing that...but it does seem unbelievable. like, what?? gays are no good for the united states army? christ. i cant believe this, how could this be? gays are somehow different? is this not discrimination? what, have i missed something?

i met Maria yesterday as well. i dont think weve seen each other in like 2 yrs perhaps. shes the same, studying english i think, at the university. still married and they have a dog etc... i invited them (not the dog) over for a dinner while i still have the kitties. she could meet F etc.

another piece of news that caught my attention; scientist James Watson says black people are less intelligent than white people (BBC). according to him this is based on intelligence tests... well this is interesting. i wonder what kind of tests those are. hopefully not just visual...westerners can quite obviously read visual signals better because our environment is so full of them. then again number or language based tests are not fair either, to anyone for that matter. but i dont know what is, maybe Watson does? sounds quite outrageous, isnt this what they said just a 100 yrs ago in the US, when enslaving the black? yea maybe they, and Watson, were right? i wonder why the fuck we decided it isnt the case however? well quite obviously i seriously doubt the claim and so does everyone else which is why the whole thing made into news... Watson has also said that a woman should have the right to abort their baby if it could be proven that the baby was a homosexual. luckily such things are not diseases that can be tested, and women should have the right to abortion in any case, but that is a pretty idiotic claim. period.

hehe, also in the news; wanted paedophile Christopher Neil was an ethics & moral teacher :D does anyone else find this ironic...

i managed to screw up my computer again... last time i got it infected later last year. well, in fact its been about a year now. but now, just a week after reinstalling windows. grr... and it has been my own stupidity. altho, this time im not quite sure what i did...but i have an idea. either way, i now have to spend time and effort cleaning up computer up. i cant blame my new antivirus program, none of them are perfect if you screw up by yourself by downloading something... f-secure was no better in this perspective.

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