October 16, 2007

my hopes of tiring the kitties with some play before going to bed were naive. maybe if i played with them for like 6 hours, i dunno, but im afraid i dont have all fuckin day for that.

the Australian Biggest Loser had like 51 episodes. geez. i admit to skipping like 9 and using some fast forward. but it still took me like 3+11 hours. the Finnish Biggest Loser season 2 just started. coincidentally i saw the first episode and saw an old class mate in it. from the cosmetologist school. i liked her, she was pretty smart and we were somewhat close but unfortunately lost touch at some point after school when she moved to the north of Finland. anyway now, if i just remember to watch tv when its on, i get to see how the weight loss works out for her :) and today i talked on the phone with a common classmate of ours, a good friend of mine. shes pregnant. oh well. great, of course, but i do think it will make the distance between us a grow a bit. families are more likely to hang out with other families, and singles with singles and so on.

tomorrow i got a work meeting, or more like a brainstorming session, starting at noon...at 6pm we have a table reservation in a restaurant and from there the program is free but basically its a real workday i have comin up. mostly marketing people, or anyone who has a say in it, starting from imvestors to an ad agency and so on. im meeting my old class mate (Maria) from business school before work, we have rescheduled so many times i didnt dare to ask for that anymore. i just pushed it "in" tomorrow.

time to go to bed.

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