October 08, 2007

well, its a workday (customer support) again.

last night the depressed friend informed that shed attempted suicide with poor results. i wasnt suprised for some reason. she ended up puking the stuff she swallowed. it would take a lot more effort to kill herself so i suggested she stops with the attemps, they end up causing her more harm than good. of course, when you feel like shit, any physical pain can feels like a relief by taking the attention away from the mental one... so yea, but nevertheless. i hope shes done with that now and eventully gets back on her feet. therapy and meds would be great. and forgetting the guy who treated her like shit. too bad she doesnt live near so we cant talk face to face, i dont think she has too many people (if any) to vent to round where she is. internet is supposed to make distance disappear but in some cases...

the weekend was pretty good. i got to sleep well. met Jaska yesterday. and Tiitta, she came over to give the kitties some meds. and my active pressure and attempt to drag F online are finally getting results. slowly but surely... *evil laugh* we discussed getting a common hobby though. that would be good. i wonder what it could be? jogging?

tomorrow im going to Lahti again.

i have some personal tasks i have set myself...but so far ive been too lazy. just a couple emails here and there but...

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