October 28, 2007

well, this was the weekend. not bad. but not anyhow really special either. now i feel like i actually just might be getting a real flu... can't tell from between all the usual sneezing and weird throat-symptoms... if you could die of allergy med overdose, i probably soon would. but i only have like a week left, or 2 at most. its now slightly uncertain if the little kitty needs a small operation done before the new family picks her up. if she does, she needs to heal first.

Johan is coming to see me again, the next weekend. a movie marathon would be in place i think.

this Flickr photo is in its simplicity and snapshot-like presence pretty nice. the title adds to it, i admit. but the blood spatter varies too much, theres at least 3 very different types of spatter which is just unlikely. well, depends what happened of course. maybe someone was set right next to this and couldnt move, and various things were done which caused the spatter. but then, theres several different directions too which would suggest the victim wasnt still.

i havent been active in dA for ages so i was suprised when i was asked to be a guest critic at the "thumbshare" chatroom, for their dark/horror art halloween event. i did quite a few things like this back when i hung out there a lot. so the critique-session was tonight and it was very refreshing, i remembered the things i liked about dA.

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