November 04, 2007

and F's new jacket which i insisted him to buy, i am in love with it :P HOT!

Johan and i watched Reign Over Me, before he had to leave to the airport. very thoughtful, nice movie. got me thinking about life and deep shit like that. kitty is probably thinking about those things too... i think without showing any bigger signs, she realized whats lost. she seems depressed, just sleeping or whatever. not interested in anything. i feel like a horrible person, i gave her baby away. i bought them raw chicken slices tonight..."last supper" for little kitty and comfort for loss for big kitty.

among the important things of life was my computer. Arttu looked at an online store for what i need and seems like i could do with 1000e. well, yay, thats still a lot :( the cost is from the following;

motherboard 114.90e
video card 106.90e
memory (4GB) 141.80e
CPU (2.4GHz) 252.90e
CPU fan 61.90e
power supply 74.90e
hard drive (2x500 GB) 235.80e

thats a draft, but probably pretty close to what ill get in the end. i left out the brands and shit, those who care have to get a life elsewhere. i can probably use one of my old hard drives too, that would be nice. and DVD drives and well, whatever is not on the list.

i also got(bought) a new keyboard from Marianne. well its old for her, but new to me. now i have been looking at it carefully, wondering if i dare to try it out. i bought it cos my old one is getting fairly dirty, some of the keys are drowned in liqueur and so forth. the fact that the letters have worn out doesnt bother me, but it seems to bother those visiting me. if u dont think about it too much, ull know where they are....they are in your spine, trust me. dont think, just type. anyhow, its hard to find nice FLAT keyboards. btw flat keyboards are the one good feature of laptops. i like how they are 'easier', i dont have to push my whole fuckin finger in there to get something happening... also, they are, i suppose because of the flatness, more quiet. i type with my nails and plastic hitting plastic...that makes a sound. i am used to it but i guess if i can choose between loud and less loud i could choose the latter, it might affect me subconsciously! and my place is so small it can bother anyone else here with me.

however, make notice of the space and enter keys... SMALL huh?? not sure if i can deal with that. other than the key sizing, they are almost identical. =good. on the meanwhile, i keep dreaming of the ├╝berkeyboard.

now that im at it, how about changing my mouse pad? i noticed a couple months ago that the rubber had started breaking sorta...but its served me a good long time. many efficient mouse hours! ive had it since 1997 when i got my first computer. thats 10 yrs is it not? i insisted on getting this very specific mouse pad with the drops. they still sell these. should i get a pink one? no i like my grey/black theme around the desktop. but seriously, this is a good mouse pad. no other like this. im not fan of the ergonomic ones. i dont have wrist issues. yet. an ergonomic mouse is important tho, and i got one. have i bragged about the smooth mouse scroll? jesus fuck, once i tried it i could never settle for anything less. and this is a Microsoft mouse were talking about, why the FUCK doesnt any other company make smooth scrolls?? goddammit. i asked around in that malaysian tech-superstore but after the 20th shop i gave up. they never even know what im talking about when i talk about smooth scrolling. smooth means exactly what is says, smooth, no 'steps', no 'clicks', its just a wheel that goes round and round...smoothly. there are only a few things in this world that feel as good. besides the obvious stuff, i would like to mention
-smooth scroll of Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse
-shutter button of Nikon's F80 (later also appeared in Nikon's, Sony's and Fuji's digital SLR's - thats how good it is). one of these days...ill get a Nikon F80. just to touch it. *goes to eBay*

(i just turned the mousepad around, its undamaged there. itll serve me another 10yrs)

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