November 04, 2007

i didnt get to blog for a few days and i started feeling like my head was gonna burst. or maybe it was just because i havent been alone. since friday noon ive been constantly in the presence of other people. i guess i couldve taken some time out to go to the computer and blog but it didnt feel right.

the little kitty was picked up today. i felt sadness and loss for 2 seconds. her mom has yet to realize anything is missing, but when she does, o_O, shes going to be upset and i feel bad about it already :(

this is little kitty getting a vaccination on thursday

and this is probably the last photo of little kitty, taken about an hour ago.

it was great to see her grow, she was and is so beautiful and kind, and was clearly starting to resemble her mom in many ways, being social and wanting attention. now she has a new life ahead of her.

my life, for the past few days was social too. on friday i was working at the fair, with F and some others. it was probably the last time i worked together with F like that, i felt sad like i was loosing something. i thought to myself, looking at him standing there talking to people, that if he wasnt mine already, i'd totally try get him.

after the fair Johan came right over. we packed the kitties and went to F's place. where we had a bit to drink and told each other swedish/finnish jokes all night. friday is supposed to be fun and good time and thats what we had when johan discovered a neighbors unsecured internet connection. and more specifically the unsecured router... we first tried to fuck with it by blocking keywords (sex, cunt, porn, tits, midget, s/m, facebook, anal...) but for some reason it didnt work. so in the end we just blocked the whole connection :D so what did everyone else do for friday night entertainment?? the neighbor mustve been upset when he couldnt get online, today the router was reset...but still unsecured! idiot. on friday we had a little movie marathon, Arttu and our friend R were invited too and we had spaghetti and my specialty "quark" dessert. the movies were
Black Snake Moan
Oceans 13
16 Blocks
Heartbreak Kid

so nothing amazing, as i think it should be, when you're going at your 4th movie you cant even remember the previous ones... Black Snake Moan was i suppose a drama with some fucked up weird edge. i haver to admit it seemed a bit slow but nevertheless good i cant deny that. Oceans 13 was alright, just entertaining, not Soderberghs usual level of quality though. 1408 was crap, despite John Cusack and everything else... american family values and hell fire...fuck. 16 blocks was like Die Hard 5, not bad not good just fine. Heartbreak Kid was alright, just an Ben Stiller comedy, with a fun ending.

today we slept in late and came back to my home in the evening. the kitty was picked, we had pizza and now im just taking a bit of me-time to write this and surf the net. it works like a reboot and then i have some energy to spend tiem with Johan again, who is leaving back home in about 6 hours. tomorrow Maria is supposed to come over so i need to wake up by noon then i guess.

i should really decide if im going anywhere on my november vacation or not... if i am i should be going in about a week or 2. but i still havent checked my bank account to see if this is realistic at all. what strikes me as unrealistic is buying a new computer which i think would cost around 1500e even if i use some of the old parts. theres something wrong with this old fucker, i thought it just needed a fresh installation of Windows but Microsoft was not to blame this time. i think one of the memories (i got 3x500 mb) is fucked cos the computer seems slower than it should. i have no patience at all so i need everything to work really fast. its measured in tenths of a second. well, this thing is like 3 yrs old which is a reputable age for a computer... Johan was insisting on why i dont get a laptop. gees. fuck. laptop?? why the fuck would i? okay im just going to write down for fun why (to amuse myself, i alreyday went through this with Johan, in a very abrupt manner)
why not laptop?
-less options in memory and other components and harder to switch them later (more expensive too?)
-i dont want to pay extra for the small package, i dont care how big my computer is, its my baby and its allowed to take space.
-you cannot keep laptops as cool and quiet as desktops, as you can install all kinds of special shit and quiet fans to control these in efficient desktops
-difficult or impossible to get with a diskette drive (i might want to check an old diskette once every 2 years, never know)
-i need a separate mouse in any case, i cant use a laptop mouse
-i cant switch keyboards in a laptop, im very picky about keyboards
-i dont need computer when i travel, and im almost always home anyway
-i sit by the computer so much, itd be weird if it was that small, it would feel un-ergonomic
-just a feeling; i have my work laptop and i certainly dont prefer it as a computer altho its widescreen and all
-i need some 10 USB connections at least
-i want my zillion gigabytes of hardrive INSIDE the computer, not as some extra boxes hanging outside, i dont see the benefit of that, i dont need to touch them
-and finally; i NEED a BIG really FUCKIN GREAT monitor. for photo editing and even if i never took another photo i want it and need it, like if u watch a lot of TV you would want a good TV...duh, should be quite easy to understand from a computer-addict

yay i feel better now.

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