November 01, 2007

mexican night yesterday went alright, as can be seen.

today i took the kitties to the vet with Tiitta. the little one only ended up getting a vaccination and she will be picked up by her new family on sunday evening. the bigger kitty was sterilized and oh the poor thing when she started waking up... a kitty that cant stay on her feet and falls over is so awww. poor thing. she was so dazed and confused. she absolutely had to drag herself to the litterbox and she even made it there, just to fall over and lay on the sand. she actually peed there! how nice of a kitty is that, when she cant even walk she goes to pee in the litterbox. a nbit later she went in there again, to puke. shes still dazed and slow and kinda fucked basically, but clearly enjoys petting and the usual... a kitty could be upset u took her to to the vet and basically got her 'hurt' but not this one. oh and at the vet, while we were waiting for her to be operated, we waited in the offica with the little kitty and some lady came over to look at her and asked if she is a russian blue. as we have found out by now, the kitties are 'plain finnish blues', but she got them cnfused too, as the similarity is striking...very petite, thin, delicate features and beautiful color. she was adoring the little kitty and i felt like a proud mom "of course my little kitty is the most beautiful EVA!" duh! anyway, the bigger kitty will then be picked in about a week. so, one more week of sneezing and flu-symptoms and tiring allergy meds. one good thing about the operation big kitty had is that i think tonight i will sleep in peace...

speaking of sleeping i could head to bed. i have the exhibition tomorrow, i promised to go work there for the internet operator-employer. its just standing and smiling and answering questions, as far as my previous exhibition experience tells me, but F is coming over there as well so well be together. after work Johan is coming over from sweden and ...well probably drink a bit :( i think its a :( because i think now my drinking is a bit too extensive again. need to cut.

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