November 11, 2007

me is going to Amsterdam! finally, i found myself company and booked tickets and just made it happen. i am glad. its only 2 full days, 3 nights, but thats not so much the point... i couldnt spend a lot of money on this. the point is to go somewhere, see something new... and ive never been to Dam so its about time. yay. november 25th-28th. like a long weekend but not on the weekend.

also im going to St.Petersburg again, with Arttu, to hang out with him and his friend Eeva. thats probably in december. have to get a visa and stuff too. Eeva lives there so we can stay at her place. im not a fan of the city but whatever, it'll do. maybe if im lucky ill find something about it that i like better now.

in december, right before christmas, theres the canary islands thing... 23 people altogether going, mostly friends of F's family and then theres the family itself, wifes and kids etc. crazy.

the weekend was decent. today is Father's Day and yesterday i remembered to call both my stepdad and my actual dad. for once i did something like that :)

ive slept so much...and yet i feel tired again. i was supposed to clean up my place a bit. ive been acting like a provocative teen throwing my things around after the kitties left. but its not just that, ive been collecting shit again, all the tables and shelves are balancing under random stuff.

i was in the toilet with the door open and noticed this pink umbrella in my clothes rack. its cute but i cant figure out where it came from, i certainly didnt buy it. maybe its from London, i recall Marianne or Susanna borrowing a pink umbrella to me. not sure. shouldnt it then be in London and not here?

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