November 12, 2007

interesting to think its already november. the year has gone fast. i want more snow, come on!

im planning my trip to Dam. i cant think of anything specific i want to do, besides smoking pot. its funny to think u can do it legally. sweet. i think its a drug of a sort which can get u addicted and in the end make u an idiot, even if not a aggressive one, and hence u need to be careful. but i certainly make a line between so-called hard drugs and this one. sometimes i feel like alcohol is more dangerous. grass can just make a person a lazy ass careless moron who doesnt get their ass off the couch and whose brain starts going into slow-mode. sad, but alcohol does worse. look at the finnish families and its obvious. for me, i have to keep my little fingers off anything stronger even if its always been alluring, i am so easily addicted and like to control my moods... it would totally destroy me. cant take the risk there :( but what else, ooo theres the red light district, sex museum. okay i think the trip is starting to shape. shopping is always an option but im running short of cash a bit.

Simul never got that visa to come to finland :( its weird to think some people, even with the cash and educated and all, cant travel when and where they want. how would i feel if i couldnt leave my fuckin country? they just wouldnt let me out. or rather, IN. letting OUT means youre going IN elsewhere. and yes i know we're the ones who are not letting them in (EU, finland, Schengen-area).

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