November 19, 2007

vote for 'against fur designs' (posters to create awareness). some pretty well thought ideas there. the bunny-ones stole my heart of course. but whether is a bunny or a fox, i cant see how anyone could wear an animals fur these days. im not even an activist of any sort and it seems gross to me. killing 70 of those to get me a jacket. please. not just killing but growing, feeding, torturing with the shit living conditions, all for a jacket or a hat. u have to be an idiot to want that. not just selfish, because i AM selfish. wearing fur is beyond selfish.

i did eat a chicken sandwich this afternoon and felt bad about it. im trying to avoid chicken mostly, pork too. if i knew it had a good life i wouldnt mind. but anything in fast food places, restaurants and average grocery stores did not have a good life. cows im not too worried about for some reason. and leather is a byproduct (cow leather that is) so i dont have issues with leather.

the bigger kitty is apparently very ill, they think she has a virus (FIP) that will kill her either now or...a bit later. it is very saddening to know that she is suffering, she truly does not deserve it. the owners that just got her a couple weeks ago must feel horrible as well. i hope they let her go if/when it gets too bad. it could also be something else, hopefully less serious. but prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Amsterdam is getting close. next sunday. i wonder if a backpack would be enough for the trip, its just 3 nights. im going with R, she got a few days off work. the St.Petersburg thing with Arttu was cancelled cos Eeva is coming to Finland this weekend and wont be there until in January again i think. oh well :( Kev said hes trying to come to Finland the coming spring, and we've discussed about going to Moscow then.

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