December 10, 2007

just clothes.

i needed to go buy christmas presents today, but only after getting 2 new pairs of shoes and a pile of new clothes, i realized...where the fuck are the presents? i was at the H&M counter...just paying for all my clothes as i realized this. i left my bag behind the counter and went to walk around to find something for my mom. i found something, for myself as well. i was then going to visit the underwear dept but figured my bank account would seriously suffer if i didnt stop NOW. i walked out without looking to my sides and just went to wait for the tram. how tiring can shopping be? :S then i remembered i left my shoes at the shoemaker! so i got off my ass and started walking that direction. on the way i almost literally clashed to Dressman's door. and realized i might as well go in and buy something for my moms husband now, rather than have to do it tomorrow or wednesday... nice lady there helped me and even packed the shirts and socks (boring presents but yes, he does like them). then finally i went to get my shoes and got home. i got way too much shit though. i am almost hoping some of it wont fit because then i could return them.

2 skirts, red corduroy and black shiny thick material (something like taft but shinier and harder)

just soft cotton. i dunno what is it with me and crazy 70s patterns now. i used to hate em.

thin shiny and soft silky shirt. much like the infamous XL-shirt i got from amsterdam but didnt fit me.

looks like wool...but its just really soft textured cotton.

 for walking, very easy. the bows are a bit wild i admit. about 60e on sale :) yay.

party/whatever shoes. for summer, spring, dunno. very nice hard texture! i think these cost only like 30e on sale :) both of these shoes were o.i.s which F has declared to dis. i have a strong dislike towards the brand too and dont even remember why but now they are making shoes with real HEELS*! im not gonna say no to that. (* 9-11cm)

2 shirts. i normally dont wear stuff like this but maybe ill start. theres a work-related event on saturday that i need a shirt for anyway. i dont basically like to buy any clothes just for work, but its also horrible when u got nothing to wear... i think i can use these in other occasions too maybe. the white stripes in the black shirt have a nice texture :)

a summer skirt. kind of weird, yes definitely, but i figured i could take it with me to the Canaries next week and it was only 7,90e i think.

grey thin wool or soft cotton type material. knee length i think. with pockets!

grey taffeta skirt. little over knees. im planning to use it in everyday life though it cant be machine washed... hmm. well it wasnt expensive. i cant buy anything expensive because the life span of my clothes is usually short and quality is not an issue to me really. and money, of course. i cant spend 50e on a fuckin skirt.

i also got soft grey cotton leggings', i can wear them with knee high boots and a skirt. its almost like stockings just thicker. im quite happy with the stuff i got, i just feel a bit bad for spending so much money. if i keep spending like this i can kiss my new computer goodbye :( but i was in need of skirts thats a fact!

i first went to Zara and found a couple things i liked, but decided to check the always reliable H&M before buying anything. and as it happens, i never went back to Zara. i think 85% of my clothes are H&M. or 80% at least. but the reason i like the shop so much is that u still dont have to look like them. if you buy from certain shops people can recognize the style and label you based on where they see you shop. and of course some people do look distinctively "H&M". mostly however, they have such different kinds of stuff that when u mix them to suite your style, no one knows where the clothes are from. not that it matters, really, just pointing out. i am always happy to tell where i shop.

turns out i have a lot of work to do tomorrow. fine, 3 days a week is what i am trying to go for anyway.

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