December 11, 2007

someone did this based on my photo;

not bad :)

my new hair feels quite modern. and doll-ish. anime. i dunno. the sides are broken and shorter than before and i look different. i can again make new hair styles with this new cut and its exciting. im not sure if i want to go back to the previous style but it doesnt worry me. this is cool too. F liked it so thats good.

im almost done with the christmas shopping. its not that i have to get so many things, its more that i just start shopping for myself and all in all it is tiring... shouldnt complain.

i need that new computer... fuck. im tired. and House skipped a week. do i have anything in my calendar for tomorrow? a depressed friend hasnt replied any messages since last...something, wonder if she just killed herself. i had a nap but im still fucked. i should watch Calamari Union, ive had the DVD on my table for like 3 months. i need to go work a bit later, have to do an interview for the website at 5pm... im not too fond of having my voice recorded but if i get lucky we will edit my questions out and just leave the interviewees answers... i vaguely know the person im interviewing so im not too worried about what ill look like etc. thats good.

i wonder if i should buy another set of my fav bra. if you like something a lot then why not get a stack, an extra copy, backup...whatever u wanna call it. while its still available...

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