December 05, 2007

last day at my old job. yay. but i feel so nostalgic. i will miss this building (nice one, coffee machines and couches and nice cubicles...) and people and location and...

and i was just notified im getting this "invention initiative reward" that im getting. the company has a reward system for people that have good ideas that improve processes or in general... well i know i have those! hehe. and this one i suggested like a year ago... but to be rewarded for it is pretty good. and today of all days. well my colleague told me that it wouldve happened eventually but because im quitting they're arranging it now.

im looking forward to the christmas party in the evening. and so is everyone else. people are chatty and excited. very nice athmostphere. all the cool people seem to be coming, which is important. im going to lunch with F and my team supervisors in celebration of my last day. we were supposed to go as a big bunch like 10 people but there was some schedule changes.

oh and its a really quiet day at work too. i cant remember it being this quiet since...ever. summer. how lucky am i? people get to chat and relax and all.

ive been going crazy on perfumes... i went on for a few months without buying any and now...i dunno. i just flipped. i got Euphoria Blossom and Armani's Sensi like a month ago. and then i bought Boss' XX and Essence de Femme from eBay. and also i got Armani's Diamonds from Amsterdam. and i think im yet forgetting one. the eBay ones were pretty cheap but nevertheless thats a bit much cash for a scent. and i realize it, yet i wasnt able to stop myself from buying.

oh i wonder if i remembered to make a huge note about dutch clothes sizing. jesus fuck. im normally size M. well, depends on clothes, minimum S max L. but generally medium. well, in amsterdam, me and R quickly learned that they have their very own sizing charts. she had trouble finding any clothes to fit her, and my clothes were at least an L. usually XL. and XXL did not exist. i actually took a risk and bought one shirt in size XL and its too tight for me to wear. im just surprised really... i wonder where medium or medium+ people in holland find clothes from. thats really fucked. i saw a nice jacket too, but the biggest size was L and it totally didnt fit. fuckers. so im just wondering... wtf? im not fat but XL does not fit me? im glad i dont live there.

and then i checked my bank account because yesterday or the day before the finnish tax office returned extra taxes. to my great surprise i got quite a bit of money. not thousands but nevertheless i didnt expect much. i overestimate my tax % so i usually get a bit back. anhow, this means i can probably buy my computer soon. i should have enough, all combined and if mom gives me something. i think the computer issues i got are theoretically possible to fix...but i already installed Windows once and i think this may have something to do with memory and im just ....blah. opening the thing and all that. its too much. and the computer is way old. 3 yrs or something. its just time to give in and move on.


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