December 30, 2007

my aunt called today and recommended me an astrology consultation (great, but i dont believe in reincarnation and other stuff which this school of astrology is based on). that reminded me of the tarot card reader at the canadian halloween party last year. me sitting quiet in front of her in a nurse outfit, she said that i "should let go of my old relationship even though its hard and from the work environment someone new will come and it will be good to me so i should go with it". so, here i am now, and all i can say is wtf??

the year was interesting. not only this new relationship with a bumpy start, but changes... in me and in my circle of friends.. a new job. new hair. i took a tattoo early in the year to remind me of all the things at the time, but ill include the rest of the year in it.

i am thinking i have deserved something good for myself now. maybe i am finally settled enough with my eyebrows to have them done in permanent make up? theyd last 2-5 yrs. i have been too fond of variation so far to have anything permanent done on my face. but maybe i could do the brows and live with them for a few yrs. its just that i have to find someone really good, ive seen some horrible permanent make up results on people, geez. also, i have been thinking of permanent hair removal (legs, armpits etc) for like 10 yrs now. for that though, id have to borrow money from my mom, its so expensive. but if i keep shaving or epilating the hairs weeks and months and years after another, wouldnt it be worth it? or am i just going to keep shaving them for the next 30 yrs as well?? hair removal with light is pretty efficient, especially on light skin/dark hair combo which i got. so i might give it a try.

nice collection of religion-inspired art, edgy mostly. from dA.

oh and its 31st now, last yr this time i was weeping over F. fuck that was painful. today were probably going to a small gathering (party) with a couple friends... eat a bit and drink sparkling wine and spirits... i never celebrated new years and other holidays. this yr ive done it all. well by this time on tuesday literally all.

i am also thinking of getting an MP3 player. anyone who knows me will not suggest iPod. try do that in a chat and ill block you.

vinyl sleeve heads. heh.

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superkev said...

something i think is necessary on an mp3 player now is bluetooth support. i didn't realize i needed it until i had it on my blackberry. now the thought of a cord connecting my mp3 player to my head annoys me :P