December 27, 2007

shopping post.

tough shopping day. i really just needed a bathrobe... but ended up buying all this other stuff (post christmas sale...). we had dinner in between to regain energy but in the end i was sweaty and tired and had sore feet... so we took a tram to my place, left my stuff there and then took a cab to F's place, instead of bus. i think i fuckin deserved it. its not like wartime, i dont have to endure everything...

among other things i got these... (price/shop included for my reference, ive noticed i miss this info afterwards... good to keep track of your shopping behavior)

pink shirt. ordinary, for work or whatever. i dont see much difference with work/casual/fun anyway. to match this i got a dark purple striped 'school girl' skirt made of wool or whatever.
(9,90e H&M)

i got a guy shirt! its this SUPERsoft cotton with a generic print (...). if its too wide im sure Tiitta can work it out for me as she has before. i got a grey t-shirt with pink bunny-type prints on it too, and it fits okay being a mens size S. (10e Jack & Jones)

short metallic black jeans skirt. i remember when metal was still in fashion in jeans. i have a pair of those jeans in my closet. i guess im still keeping them in case one day theyd fit again? eh. not only am i sure theyd look horrible to me that day (cut, style), but im also pretty sure im not getting back to that size (maybe 4-5 sizes smaller). anyhow, this seems pretty 80s... (12e Vero Moda)

what is this fabric anyway? taffeta? some sort of acetate? very festive anyway... with a tutu fabric showing from underneath. to be honest, this is the only thing im not sure if i need. its similar to a grey skirt i bought a couple weeks ago... (25e Vero Moda)

i needed one of these... fleece blankets. the kitties destroyed 2 of my old ones (i tried to protect some of my furniture with them). so, this flower-patterny blanket i guess proves im an adult despite all doubts. the colors are pretty nice in real, but that isnt an excuse for buying a flower blanket. i just thought it was okay and accepted it, with the flowers an all. a true mark of an adult is it not, not just the flowers but accepting them despite not liking them in particular. i used to be so much more black and white. now i let a lot of stuff slide. (Hemtex 10e)

found the bathrobe! this was like #22... and way too expensive, couldnt have bought it if it wasnt on sale -30%. i saw plenty of cheap and sooooft bathrobes, but they were usually microfibre or something... something other than terry cloth. and as much as i LOVE soft, i have learned one thing. and that is, that bathrobe doesnt really work unless its terry cloth. assuming you use it what its meant for, after bath/shower. those cheapo soft micro fabrics dont suck any moisture in, itll just feel eww on the skin. i can take a lot of shit for a nice piece of clothing...but bathrobe is not one of those. it has to be super comfy and a nice, clean color to reflect the clean feeling i got after shower. so, heres my terry cloth bathrobe with the heart pattern... (Hemtex 83e)

somewhat gothic.. but maybe i can live with it. i can always balance it with other things, like the pink shirt above. i have a soft spot for layered skirts :(

black stone plate (4,95e Stockmann Casa) and a vase of some sort with nice lace pattern... i dunno what i could use it for but it was so pretty i had to get it (10e Hemtex)

i got these soft cotton (?) pyjama pants to wear at F's place. to feel casual i need something comfy and easy like this. (9,90e KappAhl)

F is over there, relaxing on the couch. with a glass of Cognac, listening to jazz or something. feels like a movie. or family.

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