December 23, 2007

someone in dA posted this 'Bride Tribute'. some seriously nice ones in there (not typical stuff). and 2 of mine! yay.

my christmas gift from F was a necklace by esprit and Sims 2. Sims first got me a bit confused but then i realized i can keep killing myself there :) altho itll be just accidents. i dont know how the game works, if i could perhaps get other people killed too, accidentally but nevertheless. like, somehow push them under the car. maybe its not that advanced... i am waiting for a suicide-addition to it though. i dont know why that is all i want to do with it... because i cant see any other interesting options? what would be interesting then? getting pregnant+abortion. making out with a football team when drunk. working in customer service of a store and telling customers some facts about life... all these things i cant or want to do in real. then again i havent played the game yet, maybe some of these things are possible...

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