December 14, 2007

tomorrow is a holi-day. 7 days. i havent really been thinking about it much... i am not exhausted or stressed so its not like people usually when theyre going somewhere warm, starting to count the days 2 months ahead. anyhow, im excited about going :)

F is now allowed to read my blog today because i will reveal what hes getting for his b-day. hes turning 30 during the trip. i got him 2 tshirts, the other one green that says "parasta juuri nyt", which is a newspaper slogan actually and means "best right now". could refer to simply whats cool and good right now or to an expiry date ("best before 14/12/07"). i was going to buy it earlier from the newspapers webshop but they only had them in light blue or something. so i made it at spreadshirt with the colors and font i preferred. the other shirt i just picked from spreadshirt designs directly; love invaders. i got the print in soft velvety texture...:P

then i got him "The Book of General Ignorance" by John Mitchinson which i remember him talking about sometimes. and finally, Herrera's 212 sexy for men eau de toilette.

we'll be back from the Canaries on the 23rd.

ill try to not get too tanned.

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