December 12, 2007

uhhuh. found a great place for artsy shirts. and they're most only 10$ on christmas sale! you rarely see this original designs.
i got myself 3 shirts, because - yes - they were so cheap. and cool!
ways of making you talk
splatter in D minor
flowers in the attic
the last one, flowers..., i originally saw on Tiitta and fell in love. i asked her where she got it but forgot. so today as i remembered the design i had to do some googling... but it was worth it :) a girl shooting herself in the head may seem negative but the butterflies make all the difference... i think that her mind is released and its full of beautiful things, love and creativity bursting out in the freedom, finally.

here you can score tshirt designs (obviously, the best ones become available)

anyhow i was also happy to notice the shipping charges werent that bad, less than 10$ and just 12+$ for a faster option. not bad i think.

i am still looking for superb bunny shirts though. ideas?

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