January 02, 2008

changing values...err

i think i am getting rid of the playboy duvets and sheets *sigh*. despite a lot of good effect Playboy has had on womens movement for example, back when it started, i might not want to reflect the brand and related values in my sheets anymore. of course, the last nail on the coffin for this decision was the need to make up for buying new sheets, i saw some pretty ones online...eh

her highness

aaaand i booked a time for permanent hair removal, legs and umm, some other areas below the waist. itll take 5-8 times...about a year altogether. but im happy im finally taking the step to do this, if youre gonna do it, its probably most beneficial when young, duh, will save you yrs and yrs of shaving or waxing.

TOP 10 bizarre disappearances
well, to witness a disappearance like that would be interesting. i would definitely then have to reconsider my beliefs and the lack of them.

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