January 24, 2008

computer advice, re: installation, basics

my random computer advice to a n00b:

1. use C drive only for stuff you can delete. windows.
2. an exception to previous is C:\Documents and Settings\SUPERPUPU\Application Data which you want to copy to a safe place before reformatting or whatever. SDUPERPUPU being the name of your computer. this place contains folders with application specific data, like browser plugins and bookmarks, photoshop presets, email settings... everything you dont want to do again when you install these programs.
3. use D drive for stuff you want to keep, your My Documents duh etc. this drive you need to be careful with.
4. to make your installation and future easier, save all software to D drive, D:\software for example. so when you install windows again, you dont have to look for drivers on CD's etc. they should all be under software in folders such as "audio" "graphics" "net" "system" etc. whatever you want. general programs like thunderbird or firefox or winamp dont have be installed here as you will always get the latest version from the internet easily. also, when you notice that a software update sucks and the new version is SHIT, you can go back to the older one if its on your D drive.
5. divide a piece of your hard drive (instructions via google) to a smaller section that you name "temporary" or "scratch" for example. point firefox, windows and other programs that use virtual memory to use this (instructions via google). this will make your computer work faster and keep the important drives less cluttered.

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