January 08, 2008

monster has woken

i certainly did not wash laundry yesterday or anything else i was planning to do. i skipped the previous nights sleep and once i got back home from permanent make up i pretty much passed out. wasnt much of a company to F, who did wake me up for dinner though.

i need to occasionally leave the computer to hold a pack of frozen shrimps on my eyes, to be able to see. they're pretty swollen and looks like i have plenty of reddish tint there too. luckily red eye make up suits me *chuckles* i look quite horrible but i knew it was to come, and it will pass, too. what i didnt know is what i was up for with the eye liners. i decided to get them done while i was at it. i mean yea sure it hurts, but for fucks sake... well it wasnt too bad while the anesthetic cream was still working but when it wore off... it was unbearable. takes the #1 spot as most painful experience for me. and it just lasted and lasted...forever. unlike tattoos...these fuckers are harder to do. the color doesnt catch in the skin, you have to run over again and again... also, while tattoos are 'ready' from the second of the making, these take a while. they look quite horrible now, painted and too dark and uneven. 2/3 of the color will come off with scab within a week though and itll be normalized. and one needs to go back for check up/corrections after a month.

they dont usually do the inner eye for the very reason that its so painful, but i wanted to give it a try. so i guess its my fault that it was so bad. inner eye was the worst by far. eyebrows...its just like normal tattoo, hurts but you can bare it, especially with the anesthetic cream taking some of the edge off.

but the (very) good side to this is that i am not a victim of something...a disease or violence. i asked for this. and many people go through much for worse without asking for it. so, im not complaining of course.

soooo what else. the mail brought me pink glittery make up...which i cant try on right now. but today is the perfect day for washing laundry is it not!! and work. and a few other things i have lying around. i think ill try avoid going out though. luckily F filled my fridge last night.

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