January 01, 2008

party last night was alright. stayed in eating snacks and drinking. and playing Trivial Pursuit (which we won! woohoo).

ive spent the day sleeping again. i just sleep, day after day. very annoying. must book a time for a doctor and get this situation fixed.

now were trying to have a "tipaton tammikuu", literally drop-less january, a concept of "no-alcohol in january". quite common here as december is ...well, it is. id say its quite a task, to not even have cider with food or anything. we'll see. but after january there is the task of handling the everyday use of alcohol, when to have some and how much. Arttu's birthday is tomorrow and he is having a small get together so theres the first test of the month.

an old classmate from the beautician-school contacted me. i hope we get to meet soon, i havent seen her in years, except in tv.

Cyprus and Malta are moving to euro then! wtf is Sweden still waiting for?? and France+Germany are finally banning smoking in bars. better that way. easy for me to say as i dont smoke, but WHO does estimate it to be the biggest killer in 2030 so why not try make a couple little changes to reduce the damages? oh well, not that i really care about what people die of, they have to die of something. if we invent a cure for every fuckin disease then what should we die of?? its your choice if you drink or smoke yourself to death. but you dont have the right to damage other people while your at it (greetings to my mom who smoked inside the house all my youth). and, it does smell bad for those that dont smoke. and smoke irritates my eyes too.

and Simul sent a txt message. her parents have arranged her a marriage in february. the husband to be lives in USA, so she'll move there, it is a great chance to get to see the world though. AND, when she gets american citizenship, she can come visit me no problem. we didnt really get to discuss yet as to how she feels about the marriage and all.

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superkev said...

i think it's cool that one of the things she thinks of when she thinks of marriage is that it will make it easier for her to visit you :D