January 11, 2008

vain, veins, vanity, van, vane...vanilla

yesterday i got my mobile internet from work. i asked for half a megabyte (512Mbs) cos its just for travelling and backup and such. USB connection. handy.

i keep spraying myself with Aguilera's perfume as if it was shower. smells good, cant help it

yesterday a friend of a friend had inquired if id be up for shooting something, an event of a sort. i was sad to realize i am just up for it. not only is it not my specialty (i am more of a studio photographer), but also i just cannot.

in a coffee shop last night, after the movie. wondering wtf life is about.

in the future my work will include further interviews, on phone or on video. as long as my name and face are not there, thats cool. not hard, i like asking people things anyway :) the challenge might be doing some background research on the people beforehand, but thats what internet is for. and i like internet. all good.

okay what now? weekend. ill go pick up my computer tomorrow. and then ill have to eat peasoup for the next 2 weeks because i will be broke i guess.

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