November 24, 2008

delete after watching

i watched Burn After Reading. the annoying bitch....was annoying. Brad was...Brad. but the bitch, ugh. somebody give her a sedative and put her in a padded room. alone. it was a fine movie but nothing amazing.

now im seeing the Genius Club. they have the smartest people, which happen to be american(?!) and how they know the IQ of everyone (that havent been tested). well, whatever. and as if --- oh geez. this is so bad. i cant watch this. very annoying people... and they get points and applause for stating obvious easy popular lines like "cancer would have been cured if the military money was used for research" and "companies make products with a short life span". so these guys are ..."solving the worlds problems". simply all over shit movie...honestly.

i also tried watching the Note. but it was such crap i quit after 5 minutes. "Who would you write to if you had only a few moments? What would you say?" yes indeed...

i missed Quarantine at the movie festival in the fall so im checking it now. lotsa and lotsa shouting, which makes me anxious, but other than that rough and very bloody....

i need someone to cut my hair. oh theyre called hairdressers....riiiiight. = money.

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