November 30, 2008

geez look at those posts... but ws the party any good?" YES IT WAS AWESOME

just woke up from the bed of the birthday man himself and got home. at some point in the morning (9am?) i 'ran out of gas' and decided to go sleep in his bed. yup. i started waking up when he finally came to bed in the afternoon. thats enviable... so the party was certainly a success, i got LOADS of compliments for my punch/es. seriously.

i forgot my camera somewhere... somebody will find it and let me know, i assume.

anyway, im supposed to be at Karri's in an hour.

the blogposts ive made las night with my they played Abba?? cant recall that. i do remember fuckin with the playlist a couple times, and playing Gnarls Barkleys Crazy and Hercules and the love affairs Blind. and i think i mightve played Eric Prydzs Call on me. not sure. but dear lord i had a great time.

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