November 17, 2008

should be snowing tomorrow, acc to forecast

i ended up on a date tonight, despite my promises of avoiding such activities. its the IT-guy ive been chatting with for a bit. i guess the date went well but im not sure, what he thought i mean. i guess ill find out soon enough.

what made my day was a message from an old friend Karri, whom we disconnected with almost 10 yrs ago. i always felt the guilt, like it was all my fault. dunno, but im glad i heard from him, i dont think i couldve made myself write him for quite a while yet, altho i thought about it, especially since he appeared in Facebook. you might say all the shit u want about Facebook, how it makes us eveb further self obsessed with our image and all, but ive made some really good connections there with old colleagues etc. 'nyways... i am meeting him tomorrow. suddenly it feels like no time has passed. only 1 third of our

disapproving rabbits - some heavy disapproval here

Martin Schoeller shot female bodybuilders

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