November 27, 2008

space station

im really glad i had to the chance to see M-1 challenge last night. quite good fights to be honest, even if im not a fan of the team format. team finland did beat the shit out of team france though. funny how all of the french fighters are black. makes a nice contrast to the finnish ├╝berblonde skin. altho, we have Lucio Linhares in our lineup. the ex-brazilian...he had no trouble obviously dismantling his opponent on the mat... plus he threw a wonderful punch that had the guy flying down and then went after...and finished the fight.

despite cheering for our fighters, the nazi-minded are an exception and i wouldnt mind if they had lost. racism is just pitiful.

i received my final letter of reference from my recent job today.

100 movie spoilers in 5 minutes! yayyy....

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