November 25, 2008

vacuuming in my new boots

oh a bad day. reading online what kind of idiotic views people have gets me totally over the edge. i shouldnt get so upset over petty things like that. thats my life lesson to learn, i believe. "keep calm and carry on"...

in the tram i also let my blood pressure rise over hearing the retarded mumbling of some people.

it could be that the bad news affected me, i heard we cannot get the space we wanted for the 'wedding' party in january, so we have to look for something else. since im not willing to change the date. also, it turned out that i pronably cannot start my new job until in january... so i have to drag along until then with my salary from this month. i should be getting the unemployment benefit but when, nobody knows.

so how about i breath deep and relax now. life goes on.

and i was told that the oil paint i used to paint my black painting takes approx 6 months to dry!!!!! fuck, i think it said that somewhere in the description when i was buying it but i didnt take it very seriously. shit. i wonder how they ever finished anything back in the day, da Vinci and those guys... so i put my black painting in a paper bag on the window shall dry there in peace...ugh :(

oh wow...i have a huge task ahead of me! i SO excited! i volunteered to help with the punch at the b-day party of a friend (not close - yet) next saturday. he now informed me he would appreciate the help, 20liters of punch is needed and i have free hands... oh god!! i didnt se this coming a few yrs ago when i wasnt drinking at all. to be a punch-specialist! i am so honored. i take my task very seriously. that got me so excited im starting to vacuum now...

shoes that i got yesterday (eBay)

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