December 28, 2008

computing and torrenting

most popular torrent sites of 2008

ill just have some big corporate multinational Sprite Zero now and go have a nap, couldnt sleep much last night.

top computing trends for 2009

why does (almost) everyone annoy me? :( damn. fuckin idiots and asslickers and two-faced obnoxious... i was heading for bed i guess? yes.

this dutch guy i knew from dA (Dani'el) is doing a thesis or ...something, in his art school and wants to include me in it somehow. interview and something... anyway he asked if he could come over and i said yes (surprise?). now his facebook status says "Tickets voor Finnland zijn geboekt!!" so i think that means he really is coming :) with a fellow student in fact. i look frward to it.

jesus, now im starting to be bitchy at someone who wants to chat with me. i should get myself away from the computer before i have an enemy.

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