December 16, 2008

let me finish.

i went out shopping with miss R. just to see if i could find anything for anyone else, and i had some things i was missing myself... the boring stuff; shoelaces, caffeine, tooth brush...

i found a few books. as usual, any christmas presents I DO give, will be late... so if i getting to mailing ome next week, umm, yea... and now im considering getting more Threadless-tees as well. whew... i just received 3 today! but theyre all for myself. eh. as if i need more t shirts.
'bleeding heart', 'time zones' and 'powered by awesome'

in H&M i ran into a nice soft skirt - GREY! and i got an interesting bok on sale for 5e; Let me finish. by Udo Grashoff. study of suicide notes (not very scientific, more like cultural or historical study)

okay my day turned out shit despite starting up just fine. i met a very good slave candidate and accepted him. he oughta come ver the next few days and do what needs to be done. cleaning up that is. but i was very impressed by his persona, seemingly quite intelligent and all, i think i will get something out of this in a social sense as well so thats nice. u can never have enough cool people around.


amandarini said...

i don't get this slave thing at all. its like you hiring someone to serve you no matter what u ask? and where did u find him/ her? it's a job?

jenni said...

cleaner is someone u pay. a slave is...a slave? they want someone to give them orders, they like fulfilling orders. to put it very simply. its a mutual agreement between 2 people, and along the agreed lines more less the other person gives the other orders. it could be anything really.

and these kind of people are all around, normal working men usually, often in high positions (which is why they like the opposite in their free time). u just have to find them, internet is easy for that nowadays :) but theres more slaves than 'slave-owners' so they are easy to find.