December 10, 2008

passing out before christmas

google book search now includes magazines . neat.

Threadless tees annual sale. i already made 1 order :P they offer discount on international shipping too which is rare (domestic US shipping free).

a fellow blogger wrote me via Facebook, saying hed been reading me sometimes and simply put, suggesting we meet up perhaps. not a date thing at all, just wanting to get to know each other, kil time, whatever it is that people normally do? his blog is familiar to me as well, and im quite excited of getting new acquintances :) actually, to have a stranger contact you with the motive of wanting to know you is flattering to the persona and plain heartwearming. i just realized some people would say its creepy, but for that attitude theyll die alone and bored in their conservatism...

last night when i went to sleep and was near to passing out already, i called Arttu asking if he wants to come sleep next to me. i then went to unluck the door so he could use his own keys to come in. i barely woke up as he arrived but i recall feeling warm and cozy.

i have painted myself red christmas nails already. topped with silver glitter...:)

everyone is fuzzing over christmas presents. im not. not used to buying presents... on christmas eve im going to Arttu's and Otto's family dinner, and on christmas day were going to watch movies with miss R. and i promised to go see mom somewhere around christmas too.

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