December 22, 2008

she was offered a job

Jyväskylä was... uh well. i got lotsa crazy photos in my cam, there was a bar with pole and the rest is quite obvious. we had a good time.

i think i just landed a job. its a project that only lasts a month, january, but they should have other stuff for me after that. i dunno if we can come to an agreement about the working hours at that point, but nevertheless this project here is interesting and i can work from home as well. web store building and development. for a big IT-firm. ill be working as a freelancer, an entrepreneur hehe. i guess if you want flexibility and things like that u end up working by yourself...hmm. the other job, after january, is something i should give my thoughts on by next monday at their office in powerpoint format, as in what i suggest and recommend to be done about the website... i would enjoy working on it, but the question of working hours is always in the way. i must be difficult, i know, ive been told by my mom, aunt, grandmom, dad and everyone else. cant help it :( but at least i get my job done if given the opportunity.

its been ages since i worked so much in photoshop. but it seems to be like riding a nke, it all comes back, like i never forgot it. cant say i was too excited when i had to set up the shoot today, but when i got going its okay. i left the hardest part of the shoot last, which was the blood flying in the air. i bought plastic to cover up and used real blood as i happened to have a litre in the freezer.

yup. did a lot os different types of shots to get what i eventually wanted. it was hard to match all the pieces, lighting effects, certain reflections, then the blood angle, amount to give the right effect of what happened. and what is it that happened?? well, i love to ask myself that. i have ideas but rarely a certain answer.

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