December 01, 2008

slavery still exists...

and new shoes... by Bronx. the flash makes my rug look like...woah, superdirty.

my solution to the cleaning up-problems is...slave! :) i was contacted by one and was like geez... but then! i realized it solves my problems. i can have him vacuum and fill the dishwasher etc... theres nothing sexual about it, that is another type of slavery. hes looking more at the mental side and just wants what hes told to do. what i want and what he wants to do seem to match so ill meet up and see if hes fit. from what i know now he fits my superficial and intellectual standards...yes one needs a minimum of masters degree to clean my place. slaves are usually well educated in high positions...wanting a contrast to being the boss themselves i guess, so thats nice. but yea time will show if hes what i want. its amazing how easily i can sound like a total bitch, but thats my job in this case. i have natural talent? my bathroom needs a clean up too....and mail needs sorting.

someone gave me this link; BugFights. not something i enjoy watching because i dnt think you should do that to animals. but i do see the fascination of it in general.

a website about the 'history' of death. in other words, how it usually happens, how different cultures feel about it and so on.

*listening to Rolling Stones: Wild Horses*

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