December 30, 2008

waiting for a call - for once not from a man

i have serious trouble even sleeping when i have work issues in my mind. its the changing jobs procedure that kills me every time. as soon as the job starts, everything goes back to normal quite fast.

the 'negotiations' are still open but i think i am accepting the job and we are discussing salary today etc. i said id be willing to start next tuesday or so. id be a web editor then. 6months. whoah. but its such a great opportunity :)

i booked a haircut for today as i got cash from mom as a christmas pressie. and yesterday as the presentation went well and it looked like im getting the job, i bought myself a white soft sweater;

and last saturday, whilst buying christmas presents for mom and my stepdad i got this on sale;

i still havent mailed Marianne's present but i think im done with everyone else now. well, not grandmom, but she is easy, i know what she likes. shes turned seriously old in a vert fasy pace during the past year or so :( dementia etc... the change is obvious when it happens so quick. but this is a normal life cycle.

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