December 03, 2008

the yes and no of movies

JVCD - the movie. i wonder how this works... any good? maybe we are about to see new sides to...JCVD :D

ive been watching trailers at apple's site again, but theres so many i skip because i just cant stand them.
-family/christmas/children's movies
-disney movies
-animated movies
-shit horror movies, titles being like "the revenge" "distant scream" and "darkness returns", as they usually depict pissed-off ghosts/souls/whatnot behaving like idiots (illogically)
-movies with all black cast that usually revolve around family life (nothing wrong with the color but i just cant relate)

what i found interesting is that while probably not the first movie production to do so, 2012 suggests at the end of the trailer "google search: 2012", its just one step beyond i think. google has been the synonym for web search for a while now. altho they advice you to google search, rather than just google, i think the idea is to speak in the viewers language, asking to buy or read or wait si old. its cool to ask you to google or download. not to mention it probably entwines better with the marketing efforts of the web-revolving world...

Gus Van Sant's Milk seems like my kind of movie. seems to follow the usual hero-story plot, even if based on reality, but i tust Van Sant and Sean Penn can make it magic :)

the Soloist goes to my to-watch list as well, the music with apparently great acting caught me.

and finally, I have loved you so long appeals to me greatly. emotive but (hopefully( real-enough drama.

nice photomanip work...

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