January 28, 2009

the bride wore...all the nice colors

i got these books in the mail, from Amazon and wherever;
Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis and Crime by Alix Lambert... Mark was reading the latter and it was really interesting despite the simple generic title.

the fuckin flowers i just decided to get rid of today, couldnt take the stink they make. so pretty but...

from Etsy, made by bondagetea

Fast and furious. have i NOT seen this before? like...several times? i have such loathing against reckless driving, speeding and the arrogance that goes with it, that i will absolutely not support this shit by watching it.

The Reader seems interesting. Kate Winslet i think is getting more interesting as well, more charismatic, with age.
i clicked the link Terminator and i bet my face was worth seeing, uh HUH HUH.... now, should i watch the trailer as well?? *been there, done that* i might as well watch the movie once it comes out, the ending is pretty obvious but since when was that a problem. the world knows many interesting tales that have a predictable ending. bible being one of them.

is shutting down. having been a good customer over the years this saddens me.
one of my favs (i taught your boyfriend...)
and another one (to whom it may concern...)
oh and i cant pass this juicy chauvinism (women are like...)

oh and just a couple snaps from the pseudowedding;

from friday night, i just tried the clothes on. black tulle, white corset and shirt etc. Tiitta did a gret job.

seamed tights and self made bows on the red shoes.

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