January 24, 2009

the day before tomorrow

tough day. a lot of stuff at work, its been busy and stressful. but i guess 50% of the stress came from the wedding party thing... and the fact that its a huge trouble to use my phone, sometimes i fail, sometimes not. u wouldnt think that a phone was so complicated, miss R gave it a try. but came to the conclusion that i wasnt exaggerating.

anyhow, then i had issues getting the wireless to work in my laptop. its now good i think.

i realized i guess im spending the wedding night alone :( then i figured that since im at a party, i just might meet someone really nice (unlikely but it could happen). but after that it dawned to me that its my wedding, so i know practically everyone. no new men available. ehn.

the stress has been heavy but is easing a bit nw, the most imortant things have been taken care of. i think. i hope. food? check. cake(s)? check (someone will propably drop one?). MY WEDDING OUTFIT? CHECK! nailpolish? check. earrings? check (i just made them by hand). music? pretty much check... list is endless. the plates/bowls/etc worry me, not sure if we got enough of everything.

i cant reveal anything beforehand... obviously. later, ill show just about everything.

wedding day (party). THAT day. coming right up.

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