January 15, 2009

from the north

the good: amazing views, the crisp fresh air, both in and outside of ice hotel (was -34C when we left today), and generally good time with Mark
the bad: expensive restaurants, i forgot my meds after all, and eyelash curlers

t'was the 3rd time i forgot my eyelash curlers. ive made a huge number about remembering them... since i forgot them once in 2003 (US) and then again in 2006 (Austria). it just means i have to buy new ones. this time it wasnt possible even. when did i last go on this many days without eye lasy curlers? i dont know but i survived admittedly... anyhow, what a trauma i have now. and the prescription i found just hours before leaving and was supposed to pick up at the airport pharmacy...i apparently left at home. so the first thing i did when arriving today was to find it again and go get my STUFF.

but now im back to writing my online memoir which includes some of the worst snapshots ever.

icehotel pics...

endless tunnels like this made the sdnow castle feel like a labyrinth. the cold and darkness were beautifully soothing.

the ski resort Ylläs, where our second hotel was

ice bar! all ice, even glasses (note: they melt under alcohol, need to drink in one shot!)

Mark's tattoo's. the K amused bartenders all over, being the font of Koskenkorva vodka. quite obvious which vodka we preferred.

just hilarious...

in the igloo, morning.

igloo at night.

food on the ice table.

another igloo.

ice restaurant.

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