January 12, 2009

cold silence

the icehotel and snow village are beautiful. we were the only customers last night, so we had the big cold labyrinths like castle to ourselves. its hard to describe how the cold blue led lit corridors feel like. its total silence and -5C. the icy tables and benches are like from a movie. touching the ice doesnt wet the hand even, its just like glass. quite extraordinary all in all. all the rooms are different with beautiful carvings on the walls and dim led lighting.

at night in the sleeping bag its a very relaxing feeling. as the air is crisp but not too cold, and the absolute silence all around. no one can hear you. reminds me of the end of shining, lol. the ice bar is open only on occasions but we figured we can open it for ourselves, its just one open room in the big castle. we'll put a bottle on the bar and serve ourselves :)

last night we ate at the ice restaurant, again just one big room in the place. all alone in the cold and the food was hot. my cider turned colder than it normally does with ice. without ice of course.

tonight we'll hang out in the igloo i think, watching movies and listening to music. last night we went to a warm cabin next to the castle, theres a straight corridor with a door at the end, and when you open that, voilá, youre in a log cabin. theres a sauna and all those facilities.

so all in all a great experience so far. the beauty of the place is what really gets me. outside its all white too, and snowing now.

anyway, off to experience more.... ...

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