January 11, 2009

lost sense of direction

i cant wait to get to Lapland with Mark. before that though, ill just drool a bit, over James Spader in Boston Legal. the sheer brilliance of the character and shining IQ have me wetting my pants.

this piece is really nicely calm and easy to look at.

i finally found a prescription that i was looking for all week. of course, i dont look for such things until i realy need em. so i was worried that i need to go to lapland without my meds but did one final search and voilá! it was right where i thought it would, and where i looked before but not well enough apparently. anyway, now i need to go to the airport pharmacy...i cant really count on finding one from 'the middle of nowhere'. we will be stuck in the igloo for 2 days anyway. but the pharmacy at the airport is at the arrivals hall of international flights. and im supposed to go to domestica flights. except, because im theres no alcohol tax free selection in domestic section, i agreed to meet Mark at the international tax free. so, ill go to international, domestic to check in and then back to international?? jesus. there has to be an easier way.

but i guess theres not.

so lets go and freeze.

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