January 03, 2009

how much is too much

jesus... (that sounds like im praying?). its 16:13 and i just wok up, the party last night, here, was... effective i suppose, the place looks like a mess. Teemu sprained his ankle tho so him and Ella had to leave early :(

anyway, Sebastian had announced his party starting on saturday at 16:00! i mean, what? im already late???? i actually called him and could hear people in the bg... it really did start at 16:00. fuck.

Ella just informed me that Teemu's leg needs an operation, its seriosuly fucked :( very sad to hear that... not a nice start to the new year. i hope there will be no traumas regarding this place because there is a couple beers in the fridge that he left and i expect him to come back and do them some day. i hope i dont have to host another major party though. it was expensive! then again, with my new job, i can totally afford it. once i deal with my bills and debts etc...i still owe money to Arttu and F for example. ive been paying my debts off but slowly. now i should be able to fix it all at once... nice.

anyway, i guess i have to head to the other party? weekend wasted drinking? sounds like it :(

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